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it not my duty” asked S●arah.“Oh, it was sad enough to leave all I ▓love!” “I dare say it was, ●dear, I dare say it was,


” and the old woman〃埊s face actually lost its repulsiveness, i●n such a strong expression of p▓ity, that the desolate girl d●rew closer to her, and clasped her hand.“And m●ore’s the pity you should have ●left them at all.Duty—it is a fine sounding▓ word; but I don’t know what duty Le●v

ison can claim—he has never acted ▓like a


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father, never done anything for you; h▓ow can he expect you should for him” ▓ “Still he is my father,” repe▓ated Sarah.“H


e sent for me▓ when he was prosperous; and thou▓gh I did not come, his kind wish wa●s the same, and proved he did not forget me.●Besides, even if he had, God 癔s plain command is, to honour your father and● mother.We can scarcely imagine any case whe▓n this command is not to be obey▓ed; and surely not when a parent is ●in distress.” “You have▓ learned fine feelings, my poor child.I hope yo▓u will be able to keep them; but I don’t kno●w, I tried to do my duty, God knows,▓ when I was young and hearty, but now ●poverty and old age have come upon me, and I ha▓ve left off caring for anybod●y or anything.It is better to take life ●

as we find it, and hard enough it is.▓”

“Not if we believe and feel tha●t God is with us, and will lead● us in the e

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nd to joy and peace,〃埍 rejoined Sarah, timidly. “Why, yo▓u cannot be so silly, child,▓ as to believe that God,” her vo●ice deepened into awe, “cares for suc●h miserable worms as we are, and would le▓ad us as you say” “We are taught ▓so, and I do believe and feel it,” repli▓ed Sarah, earnestly. “Taught so; whe?/p>


駌e, child, where” reiterated ol▓d Esther eagerly. “In God〃埊s

own book, the Bible,” answered ▓Sarah.The old woman’s count

enance fell▓. “The Bible, child! no

w that mu●st be your own fanc

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